Automation Process Controls - Wireless

In order to help the Alternative Energy Automation Inc. clients deal with the growing need of the internet on their farm, AEA has been for years supplying industry latest wireless equipment that keeps getting faster and able to carry longer distances. Often the installation of our wireless solution has great payback by being able to reduce internet subscription at a site to just one and sharing it across multiple buildings. This also comes with the benefit of being able to share such devices as network printers ad drives or accessing on site servers at much quicker speeds without ever relying on the internet. In a particular installation, as a clients speed requirements needs exceeded the only available internet providers capability, AEA established a high speed wireless link to a local village 5km away where 100mbps internet was available. The site now benefits of real high speed internet at the farms 8 served buildings with remote connection to the sites camera and instrumentation systems much quicker.